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  • Message Ina8507: (10/04/2013 01:54:43)

    Hi there, i just want say a big thanks to you, I received my canvas today and this 30x40 size canvas prints is so amazing, send a high quality photo cost much times, but it's worth! Well done and thanks again!

  • Complaint Sally: (29/03/2013 04:48:04)

    Hi there, got my canvas printing today, my brother is so happy, this canvas created with a carrier picture, choose a 60x40 size canvas prints, it's so large and heave, my brother hang it immediately in his bed room, he is so craze about military. But the package have broken, hope you improve the quality of the shipping, thanks!

  • Message Andre: (27/03/2013 03:40:37)

    Hello, I get my canvas prints today, it's so nice, I order this canvas prints for my sister's birthday, she loves the 6-piece 34 x 24 canvas size, even if there is a problem when upload six photos, but it's worth it, well done, thanks!

  • Message Prima: (23/03/2013 03:37:44)

    Received my canvas prints today, 4 panel canvas, the package is okay, I was worry about this at the beginning because there are 4 panels canvas. Oh I just want to say you do a good job. I will hang the 4 canvases wall display in my living room. Those are so nice, thanks again!

  • Message Alvis: (21/03/2013 02:16:25)

    Hi there, I just want to say a big thanks to you, my canvas prints arrived yesterday, I choose the long canvas prints 60x20 size, use a waterfall picture for this canvas prints, you recommend me choose the spacial effect for my canvas prints, I am sorry I did not, in my opinion, this is the best effect, I love this canvas, well done!!

  • Message Elaine: (18/03/2013 03:21:03)

    Received my canvas prints today, it's so nice thanks!

  • Message Lyndon: (15/03/2013 02:00:30)

    Hi there, I received my canvas today, this canvas photo was taken in last summery in Hawaii, my girl and in the beautiful beach, in a good mood, you recommend I add the vintage effect to it, we taken a big surprise today, it's so nice, we love this canvas , thank you very much.

  • Message Amos: (13/03/2013 02:36:02)

    Received my canvas prints today, I am very happy, the collage style canvas prints is so amazing, but this is not the key point, the "5-piece 50 x 44" wall display is so wonderful, incredible. Off course, hanging it is a problem, you do a good job, thanks!

  • Message Alvin: (11/03/2013 03:30:14)

    Hi there, I just want to say a big thanks to you, I order a personalized canvas prints from you for my wife, I choose the sketch style, my wife so happy, she loves the gift very much.

  • Message Laura: (06/03/2013 22:20:11)

    I ordered a 20"x24" size canvas prints last week, a collage style canvas printing, It's so amazing, I hang it in my bedroom, my boyfriend is so happy!

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